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What Is A Zippy App And How Does It Help Programmers

Zippy is a popular cloud-based recruitment and marketing platform built for businesses to track and manage applicants. This app helps candidates to find job vacancies, monitor ongoing applications, as well as, review the already submitted documents with a centralized dashboard. The app helps businesses to make custom databases for different job positions. The applicants can be sorted, rated, filtered, and saved in a unified platform. ZippyApp features self-learning algorithms that will match applicants with the job positions available. Also, organizations are allowed to post job vacancies on multiple platforms like Job2Careers, Monster, Trovit, Indeed, etc.


Candidates can also scan QR codes in the ZippyApp to submit their job applications and create work availability based on the requirements. Users can subscribe to the product and the support is extended through phone, mail, and different online measures.

Career Path For Programmers

Coding is increasing in demand in our everyday lives. Coding is necessary not only for programmers but also for data scientists and game developers. Thus, the role of a programmer varies with the task they do. If you are skilled in coding, you have various career options in front of you. Some of the positions are related to coding.

● Computer Programming

Computer programmers use codes to create various software to perform different tasks. They make sure that they create bug-free codes and satisfy the expectations of their clients. Most programmers work in teams. They not only write codes but also read and update all the existing codes.

● Web Developers

Coding skills are required for both back-end and front-end web development. Front-end developers builts what users can see and communicate with. It comprises content, menus, buttons, layouts, images, as well as the whole feel and look of the site. Back-end developers are responsible for writing codes for the functionality of the site. They manage databases, write server-side codes, system architecture, as well as server configuration. Web developers must have basic knowledge of programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

● Mobile App Developers

Mobile app developers develop apps that function on smartphones and other mobile devices. However, there are various changes in mobile app development. Developers have to provide the best user experience to users across various devices. The apps must be compatible with small screens too without depending on the keyboard.


A lot of people now prefer smartphones over desktops and PCs, increasing the demand for mobile app developers. These developers must have a basic understanding of objective C, mostly used in the development of iOS apps. Swift is also a popular programming language. Android devices mostly rely on Java.

● Data Scientist

Data science is gaining wide popularity in the tech industry. Most organizations gather massive volumes of consumer data, creating a need for data scientists to arrange and evaluate this data. Data scientists find patterns and draw conclusions that are useful for the organization.

● Game Developer

Game developers must have a strong passion for gaming. They use codes and convert them to concepts, drawings, as well as mechanics to create engaging and exciting video games.